Since I’m in the process of moving to a new state and don’t have much of anything on my mind I thought I would share a little about my dad. As you all know my dad had open heart surgery and I’m so proud of his recovery. He is doing great and losing a lot of weight with his new low sodium/low fat diet. He has struggled with weight for a long time and now that he is finally able to have a set diet he is losing and is very happy about it. My dad and I have always been very close. He’s had a lot of medical issues involving his heart and that has always worried me. I’m hoping that with this surgery he will be able to have a normal healthier life. I’ve included a photo of the both of us. Ignore how unwell I’m looking.. This was one of my worst and hardest times coping with my anxiety and eating disorder. I hope you enjoy. Always remember to love you parents and treat them kind no matter what. They will always be your only mother and father. Image