I received the sample kit and this happened to be included. I think this is my favorite scent. My opinion may be a little biased as I LOVE vanilla scents but it smells heavenly. I love having candles lit in the house. I probably burn too many causing a fire hazard but I love them! I don’t feel worried about burning these either considering they’re soy candles. I can’t wait to actually order the vanilla. My aunt ordered a cotton candy and a birthday cake candle. I’ll post later on what she thought of those, what jewelry she got, etc. Plus, I’m excited about what jewelry piece I will get. I love rings the most but I may choose to get a necklace instead. It’s like Christmas in a candle. I may get a tad too excited over little things but that makes life more exciting. Right? If you’d like to check my candles out feel free.. Link will be posted below. If not that’s okay too. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. If you’re not interested in ordering for yourself maybe some of your loved ones would enjoy one as a Christmas gift. If you’re planning to order for Christmas make sure to do it as soon as possible as there is sometimes a shipping delay of a few days.

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Giveaway Details
I’m going to have a giveaway of some sort which I’ll post another blog post about. If you’re interested you could check it out. It should be up sometime today.