Hey guys! Since Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday I figured I would have a giveaway!
If you’re not up for this giveaway no worries because if this one does well I may have more in the future.

I absolutely adore these Jewelry in Candles products. It’s semi local to me and I live in a very small community. I love to support small businesses that are actually close to me. The candles smell really great and are 100% natural and made from soy so you don’t have to worry about all the harsh chemicals in the air and are great for people with asthma, etc. You can also buy an unscented one. In my opinion I’m not certain on why anyone would like an unscented candle but if you do then more power to ya!
Another plus side to this candle thing.. You get jewelry inside! I don’t know why but I think this is the coolest thing because not only are you buying a candle but you get a surprise inside. The jewelry ranges from rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. You can get a jewelry piece from around $10.00 to a couple thousand. I’m not guaranteeing you’ll get the hope diamond but you’ll get some pretty cute stuff. 😉
Okay so I guess you’re wondering about the giveaway, right?

Giveaway Details

I’m trying to make this giveaway as fair as possible.
Each candle from JIC is $24.95 for a 21 oz candle that burns for 100-150 hours.
Each tart from JIC is $15.95 for a jumbo 5.5 oz pack with 6 tarts burning approximately 60 hours and WILL work in Scentsy warmers and other brands warmers as well.

How the Giveaway works
For every TEN entries I will pick one winner. So if there’s TWENTY entries I will pick 2 and so on.. IF you decide to purchase a signature collection it will count for TWO entries!

How to enter:

All you have to do to enter is purchase 1 JIC Candle OR 2 JIC tarts. Once you have done so email me at with your name. In your email include a little about yourself, your blog, etc. You MUST order with YOUR name and email me with your name and that you ordered for the Christmas Giveaway so I’ll know who has entered from my blog and who hasn’t.


I’m assuming you’re ready to hear about what prizes you would even get if you did enter the giveaway. I have a few options so that you can kind of have a choice on what you’re getting. Your prize WILL equal atleast $25.00.
First prize option
$20.00 Amazon GiftCard
2 Queen Helena 100% Cocoa Butter Stick
Second Prize Option
$15.00 Amazon GiftCard
1 Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer 1.5 fl oz Skin Tone Options: Fair to Light, Ivory to Fair, Light to Natural, Natural to Tan

NOTE: There is a shipping delay of 7-10 days. After your order is done pending you should receive a tracking number. I’ll update on the blog how many entries have been placed to show home far to 10, 20, etc. I will pick ONE winner for every TEN entries. I will email you AND post the winners on the blog. Thank you for participating and I wish you luck!