Four body types and what flatters them the most.

What body type are you? I’m personally a pear body type and sometimes it’s hard to find things that flatter you as well as you’d like. I’m going to give you some helpful tips when looking for the right apparel.

The Hourglass:
If you have the hourglass body type I consider you a lucky little fashionista. Your upper and lower body are almost equal in length all while having a tiny mid section. This body type in my opinion flatters the most looks.

This figure is very feminine so looks with scooped necklines are also a hit as well as halters and v necks. Looks with a lot going on with flowing pieces aren’t the way to go with this body type. It will hide your natural curves and make you look wider than you actually are. Wild prints are also a choice to avoid. Remember to accentuate your mid section. That’s the big pointer with this body type. When choosing a dress a wide sash is the way to go or a slim matte dress. Avoid bulky dresses with shimmery material as well.

When choosing tops go for snug tailored looks and jackets with belts at the midsection. Avoid flowing material such as ruffles, bows, etc because you don’t want to add volume. When choosing jeans or pants go for a slight flare. Wear skinny jeans with caution as they can make hourglass body types look shorter. If you choose to wear them you can always add some cute heels for height. When choosing skirts snug or tulip cut look the best.

Slim body types:
This body type is the one that everyone wants especially if you’re tall. You’re slim and usually flatter most things well.

When choosing dresses you and hourglass body types have a lot in common. Accentuate the midsection to add a curve to your body. Belts, sashes and pinched mid section dresses are the way to go. When choosing jeans or pants a cute skinny jean is the way to go. Skinny jeans and short shorts will elongate your legs as well. When choosing tops cropped tops are a good option for making your bust look bigger in relation to your waste. Push up bras would also be beneficial for an added curve. Peplum tops are also a great choice as well as thicker fabrics. Remember to wear things that give that added curve for your waste and bust.

The Pear:
This body type is in my opinion one of the hardest to flatter. My opinion may be a little biased considering this is the body type I have.

When choosing a dress for this body type you want to elongate your body. Dresses with a fitted mid section and flaring at the waist can make your body look slimmer. Black is also a good choice of color as it is slimming. A line dresses are and skirts are also a good choice. When choosing jeans and pants for this body type avoid skinny jeans. They will accentuate your hips and make them look even bigger than they actually are. Try tailored pants with a big flare and jeans that are boot cut. Dark washes are also the best option. When choosing tops make sure to draw attention to the upper body. Bright, fun designs and textures are a hit. Avoid cropped tops and short jackets. Your tops should always reach the widest area of your hips. Shoulder pads and puffed shoulders are also a good choice. Remember to avoid attention to your lower body.

The Rectangle:
This body type accentuates your midsection little to none at all. Your shoulder, mid section and hips are almost equal in length.

When choosing a dress for this body type empire line and shift dresses are the way to go. You don’t want type fitting snug dresses as this will make your body look long and straight. Belted dresses with a flare at the waist also look great with this shape. When choosing jeans for this skinny jeans and high wasted jeans with a flare as a good look for this shape. Straight leg pants will make you look longer so try to avoid flowing pant styles. When looking for tops you want to accentuate the bust. Look for tops with ruffles, bows, etc at the bust. This look works with belted sweaters and tops as well. Try to avoid really loose fitting tops.

At the end of the day you need to wear what you’re comfortable and confident in. If you’re confident in some of the pieces your body shape would normally avoid then go for it. You won’t feel confident if you don’t like the outfit. Be happy with the body you have. Each of us are shaped differently and no shape is better than the next.

Peace, Love & Fashion!
That’s all for now.