When you or your family leave cookies for Santa this year you can’t forget all the hard working elves! So what could you leave them that would be perfect for their tiny little hands? Elf Donuts!

This is the cutest idea. We all leave cookies for Santa for all of the kiddos in our lives so you’ve got to try this!

Elf Donuts


All you need is:

•Chocolate Chips
•Powdered Sugar/Confectioners Sugar
•Cardboard Jewelry Gift Box
•Tissue Paper

Put some chocolate in a dish in the microwave and melt it. Dip one side of your Cheerios into the chocolate. You can do so by sticking it on a chopstick and holding it on with a toothpick so that you don’t cover the hole with chocolate. After your done sprinkle some of your sprinkles onto your Cheerios. For confectioners sugar just do the same. Either dip or sprinkle onto your Cheerios.

When you’re done making your Elf Donuts make sure to add a small chunk of tissue paper into a jewelry gift box to finish your product and there you go! Perfect little elf donuts for their liking.. Or yours. 😉

I hope you enjoy!