This is a totally out of the blue topic so here I am rambling.
I’m sure you’ve heard of the trending singer Lana Del Rey. What’s your opinion on her?

There has been so much controversy over surgery, money, past life, etc. that people only look to that when thinking of Lana. I personally have no opinion on her life because that’s her business and nothing to me but I have to say.. I absolutely love her style for one.
I love the 50s/60s glam that she throws into her style. Plus, I’m a lover of the Indie vibe.  All in all I think the girl is absolutely gorgeous!

I do like quite a few of her songs. My favorites as of now are..
Video Games
National Anthem
Body Electric
Blue Jeans

I do hope that she persues her music career because I like the style she’s going for and lets be honest.. not many artists now have the same kind of thing going on.

If you haven’t checked her out yet you totally should. If you like her that’s great, if not then hopefully you’ll at least love her as a fashionista!