I don’t have children of my own but if I was a parent I wouldn’t let my kiddos over splurge on Halloween candy. If that’s your way of doing it that’s okay too. I was thinking today about what to do with my leftover candies.

Who doesn’t love a good milkshake? Especially when you can add Milky Way, Hershey’s, Reece Cups and whatever other candy bars your heart desires. Add a little milk, frozen yogurt or ice cream topped with a little whipped cream and you’ve got yourself a Dairy Queen equivalent blizzard.. Well sorta.

Candy surprise cupcakes..
Obviously this would work best with candy bars but you could always experiment. Buy a regular cake mix.. Chocolate and Vanilla would work best. After pouring your cupcake batter into the cups place a candy bar in the center and bake.

You could always add Reece’s Pieces, M&Ms, etc. to spice up a batch of cookies.

Coffee Lovers..
Add your favorite chocolates to your coffee or you could use peppermints as well. A milkway in a cup of coffee would be very good in my opinion.

Gingerbread Houses..
Since Christmas is so close to Halloween you could always freeze the candies for later use on a gingerbread house. Hey.. I’m an adult and I still love making these things.

Birthday Parties..
If you have a birthday party coming up in your household that’s a good way to get rid of extra candy. Stuff it in a piñata or just dish it out in treat bags and it’ll disappear quickly.

Last but not least.. Throw a few sweet treats in your purse and just eat it. After a stressful day at work nothing helps more than some chocolates to end your day.