Another perfect and cheap Christmas gift idea!

I’ve heard about these in the past and always thought it was an awesome idea. I think DIY gifts (especially the personalized ones) are the most sentimental.
Here’s the things you’ll need to create your own mug.

Chalkboard Mugs:

  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Mug
  • Coffee Filters

Coffee Filters? What for, right? Well, I read a very helpful tip a while ago about sitting the cup to dry on a coffee filter and supposedly it won’t stick and you more than likely already own some coffee filters so it works out fine.

If you would rather paint a design on your cup rather than dipping it then more power to ya. If you want to dip it I would just pour some paint into some kind of container that you don’t mind throwing away. You may have to dip it a few times depending on how the paints instructions are. You can always cut out stencils to paint on there as well.

Oil Based Sharpie / Porcelain Pen Mug:

Things you’ll need

  • Mug
  • Oil Based Sharpies / Porcelain Pens

Oil Based Sharpies work MUCH better than regular sharpies. A lot of people had issues with regular sharpie markers washing off so definitely try to find oil based sharpies or porcelain pens if possible. When you’re washing your cup just be gentle over the area of your design. Also, I wouldn’t put sharpie / porcelain pen or whatever else you decide to use on the inside of the cup or around the mouth piece just for precaution. Just like the chalkboard mugs you can print stencils or monogram letters to add to your cups. Just print the stencil or picture you want, cut it out, tape it to your mug and fill it in.
When you’re done doodling on your mug bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Make sure to keep an eye on your mug while baking to make sure it’s not cracking or breaking. Be careful when getting your mug out of the oven as well.

I love these mugs as a Christmas gift. Especially if you’re low on cash and you want something really sentimental to give to a loved one or even a friend. You could even use old mugs that you already own. Just have fun with it and whomever you present your nifty mug to is sure to love it!