Fall is one of my favorite months. It’s so beautiful outside and my outfits of choice consists of boots, sweaters or beanies.

This fall I made a “Before Fall ends Bucket List”.
Here are a few suggestions.

  • Visit a pumpkin patch.
    (You’ve got to snatch the perfect pumpkin to either carve, make a pie from, or decorate with.)
  • Visit a corn maze.
    (This is always fun, especially with friends.)
  • Go to your local parks and whip out your camera.
    (One of my favorite things is capturing the fall colors.)
  • Decorate for the season.
    (I love to make fall decorations with pine cones, leaves, etc.)
  • Press some leaves to make a collage.
    (Who wouldn’t want to make a collage of the beautiful fall foliage?)
  • Have a chili night.
    (Chili is a hit especially on cooler breezy days of fall. It just puts me in the mood for the season.)
  • Go for a walk.
    (Make sure to bring along your camera!)
  • Make a pumpkin pie.
    (Not only will you have a delicious pie, you’ll have yummy pie fragrances throughout your house)
  • Make Caramel Apples.
    (This is a must do. There’s all kinds of ways you could spice up the original caramel apple!)
  • Visit your local nursing home.
    (Families often forget about their loved ones over the holidays. You could potentially brighten someone’s day.)
  • Plan a Thanksgiving get together.
    (This is a tradition with my family. We all get together and have a good time!)
  • Have a bonfire.
    (I love gathering around a fire at night just enjoying the outdoors.)
  • Roast Marshmellows.
    (If you planned the bonfire don’t forget to roast marshmellows!) 

    These are some good ideas to add to your Fall bucket list. What would you add to yours? If you don’t get this done this fall there’s always next year!