Yeah, I’m going to be talking about Christmas far before Thanksgiving but it’s always good to plan ahead, right?

Besides, the stores have already beat me on whipping out the decorations.

If you’re anything like me you want to be the one that create a DIY Christmas gift that blows all of the other store bought gifts out of the water. I love crafting but my brain is always blank for ideas so I’ve gathered a few that I found cute, cool and simple.

First things first.. What does this particular gift receiver enjoy most? You don’t want to give your grand-dad a brand new jar of coconut oil or your grandma a new soap on a rope in pine scent. Just follow your instincts if you don’t know what they like or ask a family member.

My family enjoys hot chocolate quite well. It’s one of those things that they HAVE to get during the holidays. This gift could work for your family as well because hey.. who doesn’t love a nice mug of hot chocolate in the winter months?

Hot Chocolate Snowman Jars:

Things you will need:

  • Baby food jars (or Jarden Home Brands 00500 Wide-Mouth Mason Jars With Closures, 1/2-Pint)
  • Mini Marshmellows
  • Hot Chocolate (or homemade recipe)
  • Velcro Strips/Tape
  • Christmasy Ribbon
  • Peppermint Candies
  • Black Felt or Construction Paper
  • Craft Paint

This project is fairly easy and quick and is a good neutral gift for families.

All you need to do it fill the top jar with mini marshmellows. The second jar with hot chocolate and the third with peppermints. You can take the velcro strips/tape to stick together all of the jars by putting it on the bottom of the top jar, lid of the second jar, bottom of the second jar and lid of the bottom jar. That’s my kindergarten-like instructions. Now, take your craft paint and draw eyes, a carrot nose, a mouth and buttons. Take your ribbon and tie around the top of the second jar for his scarf. Take felt or construction paper to put together a top hat for him. You can do that however you decide but the easiest way in my opinion is to cut a circle wider than the top of the jar, in the center trace the jar lid shape and cut it out.. Then just slide it over the top of the jar and paint the remaining top of the top hat black with craft paint. If you have an easier way that better suits you then go for it.

When you’re all done it should look a little like this. You can personalize it and change it up to suit your desire.


Throughout November I’ll be gathering up more DIY Christmas Ideas in future posts. I hope you enjoy!